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Na publicação passada apresentamos frases úteis para resolução de problemas, hoje veremos frases frequentemente utilizadas em viagens de negócios.


Receptionist/Sales Executive

Hello, Capri Hotel/Big Bird Airways. How can I help you?
I can give you a single/double on the first floor.
Is that single (BrE)/one way (AmE) or return (BrE)/round trip (AmE)*

So, that’s a single room for two nights, the 4th and 5th.
So, that’s a round-trip business-class ticket from London Gatwick to New York?
Can I have your credit-card details, please?

And what are the last three digits of the security number on the back of the card?
What time do you expect to arrive?
Could you repeat that, please?


I’d like to book a room from Tuesday the 4th to Thursday the 6th.
I’d like to book two tickets to New York, please.
How much is it per night?
Is there a restaurant in the hotel?

Is there a car park?
Is there a pick-up service?
Can I pay with American Express/ MasterCard/Visa?
It’s a Visa card. The number is…

The expiry date is…
What time does the flight arrive?

(BrE) British English
(AmE) American English

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